Powerbank Sniper 10000 mAh Powershoot S401001

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Sniper PowerShoot S401001 Versi 2.0 – 10000mAh PowerBank for iPhone and Android Device

POWERBANK Aman dibawa ke kabin pesawat ✈ 37 Wh

⚡️Model : S401001

⚡️Capacity : 10000mAh

⚡️Input Micro : DC 5V-2A

⚡️Input Type C : DC 5V-2A

⚡️Output 1 : 5V – 1A

⚡️Output 2 : 5V – 2.1 A ( Max )

⚡️Dimension : L92.5*W62.8*H22.5mm

⚡️Weight : 150g

⚡️Color : Black

⚡️Material : ABS+PC+Polylithium battery

⚡️Working Temperature : 0℃ – 45 ℃

⚡️Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC, MSDS

⚡️Battery Type: Polylithium battery

⚡️Applicable Object : Universal USB Devices

⚡️Output Interface : Double USB

⚡️Recharging Time : 2-3 Hours

⚡️Safe ✈ 37Wh

⦿Premium 10000mAh Battery with dual USB output : Hold power well, it can full charge your iPhone 7 3.6 times,iPhone x 2.6 times,Galaxy s9 2.3 times and iPad Mini 1.4 times.

⦿Portable Every Day Carry:Slim body makes it easy to put it in your pocket or back pack when phone battery dead during travel roads.

⦿Important Note :

10000mAh is the real capacity of the powerbank. But for all power bank there is a parameter called “Conversion rate”. It’s impossible this powerbank can charge a phone with10000mAh battery full. Since there is loss in the PCB board and also the charging wire.

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